Give Food

Basingstoke Constituency

Maria Miller

Basingstoke constituency is represented by Maria Miller MP of the Conservative party.

You can write to this MP to politely help them understand that food banks shouldn't exist in our country.


Food Banks

The following food banks operate in the Basingstoke constituency, and what they are requesting to have donated.

Salvation Army We currently don't know what is needed at this food bank. Please contact them to find out.
Basingstoke Long Life Milk. (Full Fat & Skimmed, Small Or Large)
Powdered Milk
Instant Mash
Instant Porridge (Single Portion Pots, Made Up With Hot Water)
Long Life Fruit Juice
Savoury Couscous Sachets (Made Up With Hot Water)
Instant Noodles
Savoury Spreads
Desserts (Powder Sachets Or Microwave)
Tinned Fruit
Laundry Tabs
Hair Conditioner
Deodorant Men & Women
Small Packets Of Toilet Rolls
Toilet Cleaner

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