Brighton Hill - Basingstoke Food Bank

Basingstoke Food Bank is currently requesting the following items to be donated:

Tinned Fruit
Tinned Tomatoes
Savoury Snacks/crisps
Long Life Fruit Juice
Semi Skimmed UHT Milk
Loo Roll
Cooking Sauces
Hot And Cold Desserts (E.g. Jelly, Sponge Pudding)
Hair Conditioner
Custard And Evaporated Milk
Tinned Meat
Tinned Veg
Tinned Ravioli
Washing Up Liquid
Sweet Spreads (Eg. Jam, Marmalade)
Nappies Size 5 And Above

Basingstoke Food Bank currently doesn't need anymore of these items: Biscuits, Pasta, Rice, Tinned Soup, Tinned Baked Beans, Pulses, Hot And Cold Cereal, Non-dairy Milk, Sanitary Pads, Baby Food, Formula And Nappies Size 4 And Below, Hand Soap, Dog Food.

Food, money or your time

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Basingstoke Baptist Church
Gershwin Road
Brighton Hill
RG22 4HL

Basingstoke Food Bank is a charity registered in England & Wales 1154319 and is part of the Trussell Trust network