Wantage and Grove Food Bank

Wantage and Grove Food Bank is currently requesting the following items to be donated:

Tins Or Packets Of Soup
Packets Of Rice
Tins Of Fish
Packets Of Pasta
Tins Of Meat
Jars Of Pasta Sauce
Tins Of Tomatoes
Tins Of Fruit
Tins Of Potatoes
Tins Of Rice Pudding
Tins Of Baked Beans/spaghetti
Tins Of Custard (Not Needing Milk Added)
Tins Of Other Vegetables
Jars Of Jam
Packets Of Biscuits
Packets Of Tea Bags
Packets Of Breakfast Cereal
Packets/jars Of Hot Chocolate (Not Needing Milk Added)
UHT Milk Packets Of Sugar
Jars Of Coffee
Large Cartons Of Long Life Fruit Juice
Packets Of Sweets
Packets Of Treats
Found on July 9, 2021, 4:59 p.m.

Wantage Community Church
Primary School Stockham
Stockham Park
OX12 9HL

Wantage and Grove Food Bank operates under a charity registered in England, charity number 1056921.