St. Mary's Haughton Green Food Bank

St Mark's Bredbury (Stockport) 1.0mi away
Hyde Central Methodist Church (Tameside South & Longdendale) 1.3mi away
Brinnington Community Church (Chelwood Foodbank Plus) 1.6mi away
Reddish (Stockport) 2.5mi away
Dukinfield (Tameside East) 2.9mi away
Stockport Heaton Norris (Salvation Army) 3.0mi away
'Rev320' Charity Shop (Chelwood Foodbank Plus) 3.0mi away
St Philips Offerton (Stockport) 3.1mi away
Tameside South & Longdendale 3.3mi away
Droylsden and District 3.4mi away
St Clements (Manchester Central) 3.4mi away
The River 3.5mi away
Ashton (Tameside East) 3.5mi away
The 'Olive Branch' (Chelwood Foodbank Plus) 3.5mi away
Openshaw (Salvation Army) 3.6mi away
Stalybridge (Tameside East) 3.6mi away
Tameside East 3.6mi away
St Martin's (Stockport) 3.8mi away
Burnage 4.2mi away
Stockport 4.2mi away