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Southampton Basics Bank Food Bank

Southampton Basics Bank Food Bank is currently requesting the following items to be donated:

Tinned Hot Meat (Curry, Pies, Stew, Etc.)
Tinned Cold Meat (Ham, Spam, Etc.)
Cook-in Sauces (Jars & Packets)
Coffee (Small Jars)
Jams & Spreads
Tinned Carrots
Tinned Fish
Tinned Fruit
Tinned Kidney Beans & Pulses
Tinned Mixed Veg
Tinned Peas
Tinned Potatoes
Tinned Rice Pudding
Tinned Sweetcorn
Tinned Tomatoes
Cereal (Especially Weetabix)
Soup (Packets, Cups)
Soup (Tins, Particularly Chunky)
Hot Chocolate
Household Larder
Nappies Size 4
Nappies Size 5
Nappies Size 6+
Noodles (Packets)
Pet Food (Dogs)
Sugar (Small Bags)
Treats (Chocolate, Crisps, Etc.)
Tinned Macaroni Cheese
Toiletries (Sanitary Towels)
Toiletries (Toilet Rolls)
Toiletries (Toothbrushes)
Toiletries (Toothpaste)
Toiletries (Male & Female Deodorant)
Toiletries (Shampoo)
Toiletries (Soap & Shower Gel)
UHT Milk
Carrier Bags
Baby Food
Gluten Free
Squash & Drinks
Vegetarian, Vegan

They don't need anymore Pasta, Tinned Spaghetti (In Tomato Sauce), Tinned Baked Beans, Pet Food (Cats), Nappies Size 0 – 2, Nappies Size 3.

Food, money or your time

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Unit 5
Second Avenue
SO15 0LP

Southampton Basics Bank Food Bank operates under a charity registered in England & Wales 1162099 and is part of the IFAN network