General Election 2024 Write to your prospective MPs about food insecurity.

Middlewich & District Food Bank

Everybody Health & Leisure Community Centre (Middlewich & District) 2.4mi away
Victoria Hall (Middlewich & District) 2.6mi away
Middlewich Methodist Church (Middlewich & District) 3.0mi away
Mid Cheshire 4.3mi away
Winsford Christ Church Distribution Centre (Mid Cheshire) 4.7mi away
Northwich East (Mid Cheshire) 4.7mi away
Leftwich (Mid Cheshire) 4.9mi away
Bethel Church (Mid Cheshire) 4.9mi away
Sandbach 5.2mi away
Winsford (Salvation Army) 5.3mi away
Northwich Distribution Centre (Mid Cheshire) 5.5mi away
Northwich (Salvation Army) 5.6mi away
Greenbank (Mid Cheshire) 6.1mi away
St Joseph's Church (Mid Cheshire) 6.3mi away
Winsford St John's (Mid Cheshire) 6.4mi away
GGO Bungalow (Mid Cheshire) 6.5mi away
Barnton Methodist Church (Mid Cheshire) 7.2mi away
The Storehouse Congleton 8.0mi away
Weaverham (Mid Cheshire) 8.1mi away
St Paul's Centre 8.3mi away