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Middlesbrough Food Bank

Middlesbrough Food Bank is currently requesting the following items to be donated:

Long Life Juice
Tinned Fruit
UHT Milk
Tinned Custard
Tinned Meat
Tinned Tomatoes
Pasta (Not Spaghetti Or Lasagne Sheets Please)
Breakfast Cereal (Not Porridge Please)
Milk - UHT Or Powdered
Long-life Fruit Juice Or Cordial/squash
Tinned Rice Pudding
Jam/marmalade/peanut Butter/chocolate Spread
Biscuits (Sweet Rather Than Savoury)
Snacks/treats E.g. Bars Of Chocolate, Crisps
Tinned Vegetables (Carrots, Sweetcorn, Mixed Veg)
Tinned Potatoes Or Packet Mash
Packet Soups ("Cup-a-soup")
Tinned/carton Custard Or Powder Mix
Tinned Fish

Food, money or your time

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Unit 14-15 Newport Way
Cannon Park

Middlesbrough Food Bank operates under a charity registered in England & Wales 1151665 and is part of the Trussell Trust network