Manchester Central Food Bank

Manchester Central (Salvation Army) 0.5mi away
Compassion 0.6mi away
Manchester South Central 1.0mi away
Ardwick & Longsight 1.0mi away
St Edmund's (Manchester South Central) 1.2mi away
The Place (Fallowfield Community Library) (Fallowfield & Withington) 1.3mi away
Lifeshare (Manchester) 1.3mi away
Holy Innocents (Fallowfield & Withington) 1.6mi away
Union Chapel (Fallowfield & Withington) 1.6mi away
Fallowfield & Withington 1.6mi away
Booth Centre 2.0mi away
Salford 2.2mi away
St. Cuthbert's Hall (Fallowfield & Withington) 2.2mi away
Lalley Centre 2.3mi away
Central North (Salvation Army) 2.4mi away
Eccles (Salvation Army) 2.4mi away
Chorlton Central Church (Chorlton & Didsbury) 2.5mi away
Burnage 2.7mi away
Openshaw (Salvation Army) 2.8mi away
The River 2.9mi away