Manchester Central Food Bank

Manchester Central (Salvation Army) 0.3mi away
Ascension Church Hulme (Manchester South Central) 0.7mi away
Compassion 0.8mi away
Manchester South Central 0.8mi away
Lifeshare (Manchester) 1.1mi away
Ardwick & Longsight 1.2mi away
St Bride's Church (Manchester South Central) 1.2mi away
Whalley Range Methodist Church (Manchester South Central) 1.3mi away
Mustard Tree 1.3mi away
The Place (Fallowfield Community Library) (Fallowfield & Withington) 1.5mi away
Lalley Centre 1.5mi away
St Philips (Salford) 1.6mi away
Booth Centre 1.7mi away
Holy Innocents (Fallowfield & Withington) 1.8mi away
Fallowfield & Withington 1.8mi away
Union Chapel (Fallowfield & Withington) 1.8mi away
Central North (Salvation Army) 2.3mi away
Eccles (Salvation Army) 2.3mi away
Salford Loaves and Fishes (Salford) 2.4mi away
St. Cuthbert's Hall (Fallowfield & Withington) 2.5mi away