Enderby Mission Church Food Bank

Leicester South (Salvation Army) 3.0mi away
Saffron Resource Centre (Leicester South) 3.2mi away
Goldhill Play Association (Leicester South) 3.5mi away
Chroma Church (Leicester South) 3.7mi away
Manor House 4.0mi away
Countesthorpe (Lutterworth and Villages) 4.0mi away
Leicester West (Salvation Army) 4.1mi away
Woodgate Community Food 4.2mi away
Holy Trinity Church (Leicester South) 4.3mi away
Desford Free Church (Hinckley Area) 4.4mi away
Earl Shilton Social Institute (Hinckley Area) 4.5mi away
Centre Project (Leicester South) 4.6mi away
Leicester South 4.6mi away
St Johns Church (Leicester South) 4.6mi away
Action Homeless 4.7mi away
The Bridge Homelessness to Hope (Leicester South) 5.1mi away
Barwell (Hinckley Area) 5.8mi away
Belgrave St Peters (Leicester South) 6.0mi away
Laburnum Road Community Church (Leicester South) 7.2mi away
The Congregational Church (Hinckley Area) 7.2mi away