Burgess Hill Food Bank

Burgess Hill food bank is currently requesting the following items to be donated:

Tinned Meat – Including Hot Dogs
Meat Pies In Tins
Tin Of Filled Pasta E.g. Ravioli
Tinned Fish
Tinned Vegetables (Incl. Potatoes)
Tomatoes – Tins And Cartons
Tinned Spaghetti
Pasta Sauces – Including Cheese
Jam, Marmalade Or Peanut Butter
Breakfast Cereals
Biscuits Or Snack Bars
Savoury Biscuits/crackers
Tinned Fruit
Sponge Puddings – Tins
Rice Pudding, Semolina, Custard – Tins Or Pots
Jelly, Instant Whips
Long Life Milk
Tea Bags And Instant Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Bottles Of Squash
Dietetic Foods – Low Sugar Varieties For Those With Diabetes And Gluten Free Food
Found on May 14, 2021, 6:43 p.m.

85 Church Walk
Burgess Hill
RH15 9BQ

Burgess Hill food bank is a charity registered in England, charity number 1154105.