St Michael's Church, Southfields - Wandsworth Food Bank

Wandsworth food bank is currently requesting the following items to be donated:

Hot Water Bottles (New, Ideally With A Cover Please)
Tinned Vegetables & Pulses
UHT Fruit Juice (1 Litre)
Tinned Potatoes
Tinned Meat (Chicken Or Beef Please)
UHT Milk (Full-fat Or Semi-skimmed)
UHT Non-dairy Milk
Hot Chocolate
Tinned Fruit
Pasta Sauce
Biscuits (Packets Not Large Boxes Please)
Found on Dec. 1, 2021, 7:41 p.m.

St Michael’s Church
71 Wimbledon Park Road
SW18 5TT

Wandsworth food bank operates under a charity registered in England, charity number 1149780.