40 Orchard Avenue - Manna Food Bank

40 Orchard Avenue is a donation point for Manna Food Bank. Here they are requesting to have donated...

Tinned Green Beans
Tinned Mixed Vegetables
Tinned Sweetcorn
Tinned Pulses - Kidney Beans, Bean Salad, Butter Beans Etc (We Have Good Stocks Of Chick Peas)
Tinned Salmon/sardines/mackerel Etc (We Have Good Stocks Of Tuna)
Tinned Soup
Sugar In 1kg Size
Mug-shot Sachets Or Similar
Tinned Vegetarian Bolognese/chilli Etc.
Non-dairy Long-life Milk - Soya, Almond, Rice Etc
Tinned Cold Meat - Ham, Spam, Luncheon Meat, Chicken (We Have Good Stocks Of Corned Beef)
Deodorant For Men
Disposable Razors For Men
Family Packs Of Toothbrushes

Food, money or your time

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40 Orchard Avenue
TW15 1JB